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Plan for the Future

Estate Planning Administration Probate Last Will Testament Harriman Law Firm Marshall Missouri

Provide your loved ones with the best possible care

Contact Harriman Law Firm for help with controlling the distribution of your monetary assets and property with proper planning and legal administration. Let Harriman Law Firm effectively address all issues concerning probate and estate administration.

Dedicated Estate Planning

Estate Planning can range from simple to complex and may include the use of a business entity structure depending on your wishes and needs.  Let me help you tailor a plan that helps you achieve your desired results.  Making plans for the succession of your estate after your death makes it easier on your loved ones who are left to wind up your affairs and carry on your legacy.  


While it is always best to plan for the future, we recognize that sometimes it just does not happen and you are left to pick up the pieces after a loved one has passed with no estate plan.  We are here for you during this trying time and can help you navigate your way you’re the judicial system.

We offer a variety of Estate, Trust and Business Services

  • Last Will and Testament and Codicils

  • All types of deeds, to include Beneficiary Deeds

  • Financial Durable Power of Attorneys

  • Health Care Durable Power of Attorneys

  • Revocable Trusts and Amendments

  • Business organization for sole proprietors, partnerships, LLC and corporations

  • Estate Administration

  • Trust Administration


Aside from business administration and estate planning, Harriman Law Firm also offers personalized service for family law and legal assistance with criminal & traffic violations.

We've been serving Saline, Lafayette, Carroll, Cooper, Pettis and surrounding counties since 2001.

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